Two days later on September 9th, 2017, the Crown Prince sent Dr. Aljabri threatening messages through WhatsApp

Defendant MBS: Doctor, I want you to come back tomorrow (6:10 PM)

– Defendant MBS: Tell me what you want to say in person. (11:29 PM)

– Defendant MBS: Dr., the issue is very sensitive, and I definitely need you here to resolve it.? (11:36pm)

– Defendant MBS: 24 hours! (11:36pm)

MBS threatened Aljabri with two options ? ?either return to the Kingdom where you will be placed under house arrest,? or become the target of a worldwide manhunt.

Other messages from the defendant read:

– ?There is no state in the world that would refuse to turn you over.?

– ?You have one hour to decide.?